Xmas Crafts

Easy Xmas Crafts

Rosy The Reindeer Arts
Brown pipe cleaners
Red ribbon
1 Bar of soap
Moveable eyes
1 inch red pompom
Brown washcloth

- Unwrap soap and lay it in the center of the washcloth.
- Wrap wash cloth around soap and secure with a pipe cleaner
to form head and ears.
- Take a few pipe cleaners and bend and twist them to make two
antlers.Glue and push them into hole on top of washcloth.
- Glue eyes and popmpom for nose on face.
- Tie ribbon into bow and glue under one of the ears.

Bead Snowman Earrings
- Two large white plastic beads, approx 10mm (You can use two extra for a three snowball snowman, and you can use pearls or crystals)
- Two smaller white plastic beads for a head, approx 8mm(should be similar in size as the body bead- you can use the same size beads if you like)
- Two earring headpins
- Two shepherds hook ear wires.
- Two spacer beads for a collar
- Two large black beads for a hat (or two black sequins)
- Two smaller black beads for the top of the hat
- Needle nose pliers
- Wire cutters

1. Place the larger of the white beads on the headpin, then place the spacer bead for the collar. Place the smaller white bead for the head of the snowman, then finally the larger black bead and then finally the smaller black bead
2. Use the needle nose pliers to form a loop just above the top of the hat, cut the excess wire on the headpin and attach this loop onto the ear wire.
3. repeat this process for the second earring, making sure that it is the same length as the first before attaching to the ear wire.

Rudolph Clothespin Ornament Crafts
- String in black, white, green or red
- Scissors
- Glue (Elmer's will work fine)
- 3 old fashioned clothespins
- 1 piece of red felt
- 1 piece of black felt
- 1 small white pom pom
- 1 pair of wiggly eyes
- thin red ribbon in red, white or green
- small bell
- black paint and paintbrush (or permanent marker for adults)

1. Cut a 6" length of string and tie the ends together to form a loop.
2. Glue the knotted end of the string between the heads of two clothespins to create the reindeer's body.
3. To create the reindeers head, glue the third clothespin upside down onto the first two.
4. When the glue has completely dried, attach a circle of red felt for a nose, a white pom pom for a tail and the pair of wiggly eyes.
5. Cut two ears from the black felt and glue them to the base of the reindeer antlers.
6. Tie the piece of thin red ribbon with the bell strung on it around the reindeer's neck.
7. Lastly, paint the reindeer's hooves with black paint, or with a permanent magic marker (for adults)

Chenille Stem Xmas Tree
- 12" chenille stem (or bumpy chenille stem as in the picture)
- 12 to 18 pony beads (red and white, or multicolor)
- ribbon or wire for hanging the ornament

1. Slide 12 to 18 pony beads on a chenille stem, being sure to mix the colors.
2. Bend the tree at the bottom forming approximately a 2.5" base. Now bend the chenille stem back and forth, making each bend a smaller length than the bend before it until you end with a little curl of chenille stem at the top.
3. Tie a wire or ribbon at the top to hang your ornament.

Felt Xmas Tree Ornament Crafts
- Green felt
- White embroidery floss
- Needle
- Various small buttons and decorations
- Scissors
- Several balls of cotton

1. Cut two Xmas tree shapes from green felt, by doubling the felt over so that both sides of the tree can be cut simultaneously.
2. Sew the decorations to one side of the tree cutout. Do not worry about the back side felt cutout, as this will be on the inside of the decoration.
3. Starting at the top of the tree, using white embroidery floss, blanket stitch around the tree, leaving the top open. Pull apart cotton balls and put the cotton inside the ornament, just enough to add some thickness, but do not fully stuff.
4. Finish stitching the ornament together, and add a loop at the top with the white embroidery floss for hanging.

Country Xmas Tree
- Green and brown felt
- Needle
- Several balls of cotton
- Three small red buttons
- Hot glue gun
- Black embroidery floss
- Ribbon
- Scissors

1. Cut two triangular tree shapes from green felt, by doubling the felt over so that both sides of the tree can be cut at once. Likewise cut the the rectangular stump from brown felt that has been doubled over so that both sides can be produced at once.
2. Using black embroidery floss, hemstitch around three sides of the stump, leaving the top open. Pull apart a cotton ball and put about half of the cotton inside the felt stump.
3. Sew the three red buttons to one side of the triangular tree shape.
4. Hemstitch around the tree leaving a gap at the bottom to insert the stump. Fill the tree with cotton through the hole in the bottom.
5. Insert the stump just far enough into the bottom of the tree to hemstitch the stump to the tree.
6. Glue a loop of ribbon to the back of the tree near the top for hanging the ornament. Additionally glue a bow for added decoration to the top of the tree in the front.

Button Wreath Ornament Craft

- Assorted button in shades of green. (or any colors you like)
- 16 gauge wire
- Decorative ribbon
- Needle nose pliers
- Wire cutters

1. Take the 16 gauge wire and cut a length of approximately 10". (Length can vary depending on the desired size of wreath)
2. Make a loop on one side of the wire with the needle nose pliers.
3. Put the buttons on the wire.
4 Bend the wire to form a circle and insert the other end of the wire through the loop that you previously made, and bend the wire to secure it, making sure to leave some room to insert the ribbon through the loop
5. Cut two pieces of ribbon. Insert one through the loop, forming a bow and then insert the other ribbon through the loop to form a loop for hanging your ornament.

Angel Stamp Christmas Card Crafts

- Piece of white or off-white paper (this card is 4.25" x 5.5") or blank card
- 4" x 4" piece of thick gold paper
- Piece of textured black paper
- Angel Stamp (this card features a US 10 cent stamp with the painting "Altarpiece" from the Metropolitan Museum)
- Craft glue
- Scissors or paper cutter

1. Use a blank card or create your card by folding a piece of paper that is 8.5" x 5.5" (one half the size of a standard piece of paper- bottom or top half when standing upright) the benefit of purchasing a blank card is that you can also purchase a matching envelope. Also remember to use paper that is white or off white so that you can write inside. Paper with texture and detail are wonderful and add interest to the piece as long as the paper is smooth enough to be written on.
2. Now tear a piece of gold textured paper to create a rectangular shape at least 2" x 3". To create the white edges as shown on this card, be sure to have the textured/colored side towards you and tear the "keeper" part of the paper away from you. You may want to experiment with a small tear to ensure that you are able to create a white tear edge around the whole of the rectangular paper.
3. Cut out a rectangle from the textured black paper that is 1.5" x 2".
4. Glue the stamp to the black rectangle. Glue the black rectangle to the torn edged rectangle. Glue the torn edge rectangle to the center of the card. Give the X-mas card time to dry.

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